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A human resource policy manual serves as the organizational backbone that guides the behavior and expectations of employees and management. It is only natural, the employees will push the limits on matters like dress code, absences, interpersonal interaction, and achievement goals. HR policies provide an overview of how the organization functions and more importantly, how employees must contribute to the well-being of this effort. It is almost impossible to create a policy for every detail of a work environment. Instead, consider the critical categories that will provide general workplace guidelines. Interpretation and flexibility must be a given.

The end goal is that the company functions in a consistent manner and is protected from situations that could be litigious or unsafe. A business, be it a start-up, a small company, or a multi-million dollar enterprise, requires a Human Resource (HR) department, who drafts the HR policies and defines the work culture and procedures of a company. HR policy is an important document that defines the code of conduct, procedures, and rules of the company that every employee has to follow. For a business in India, HR policies and procedures are necessary. HR's also draft the company’s vision and way of working.

HR policies in India need to be prepared in a defined and correct manner, for which you can always take the help of labour lawyers. HR policies in India create a sense of answerability and accountability in the employees while addressing the key issues. To know more about the HR Policies of Companies in India, consult our experts for sound legal assistance. HR policies of companies can be defined as a collection of the company’s policies that lay down a strategy for developing, communicating, and enforcing a set of practices that reflect the company’s standards of acceptable behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enabling your staff to take leave from the workplace to rest and recuperate makes an important contribution to their health and wellbeing. By ensuring your staff take leave, you also play a key role in the reduction of leave liability costs to the University.

Your staff member has excess annual leave if they have a balance of 30 days or over. This is pro-rated for part-time staff. For example, if one of your staff members is working 0.6 FTE, they will have excess annual leave if they have over 18 days accrued. Shift workers have an excess annual leave balance at 35 days or over which is also pro-rated for part-time staff.

If you require further information, please refer to the Position Management Decision Matrix.